PRIME Product Management Training

High-Growth Startups

Elevate your Product Teams in as little as 4 weeks.

How does PRIME improve product managers?

PRIME is built upon Theorem's proven product management expertise and methods. Our approach is composed of three phases.
  1. Measure current capabilities to create a custom program.
  2. Guide improvement through practice, discussion, and problem-solving.
  3. Build and implement new habits through coaching.
PRIME Product Management Training

Know which capabilities to improve.

Every PRIME program begins with each participant completing a comprehensive self-assessment. You will learn who is helping or hindering your product delivery in a single report. After classroom sessions are complete, we will re-assess capabilities to highlight improvement and plan tailored coaching.
Custom Software Development Helps Your Business:
Build confidence
Build with confidence

Knowing how to identify and avoid risks will increase your velocity.

Go-to-market faster
Go-to-market faster

A great idea has no value until it is put into practice.

Launch new products
Launch new products

A successful product launch provides value beyond the product itself.

Out-innovate competitors
Out-innovate competitors

The best ideas don't win; the best execution of the right ideas wins.

Lead your industry
Lead your industry

Staying on top is about building a system of continuous improvement.

Scale efficiently
Scale efficiently

Ramping up capability will help you eliminate wasted opportunities.

Before PRIME

Before PRIME

A large instance firm had an ambitious goal to transform how five business units collaborated with corporate IT.

Employee Interview
Customer Interview
Skill Capability Assessments
“We need to build a modern product practice.”
– VP of Product Development and Strategy

PRIME Training

PRIME Training

Theorem assessed and trained 40 business and technology leaders through a customized PRIME training program.

hours of Guided Practice
Prototypes built
Full Day Classroom Training Sessions
“I can use today’s PRIME lesson immediately!”
– Sr. Product Manager

Post - PRIME Outcomes

Post - PRIME Outcomes

PRIME elevated product management capabilities which enabled the large insurance firm to improve the speed and quality of product delivery.

Leaders have defined OKRs
Community of Practice
New User Research interviews
“PRIME delivered a clear product-led future.”
– VP of Software Development
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Why businesses choose Theorem.

We’re relentlessly focused on results – your results. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, sustainable velocity, transparency, and expertise. We build durable relationships by helping our customers exceed their goals.


PRIME is a three-phase training program for up to 40 people, leading to an effective product management capability.
Phase 1


2-10 weeks

You will receive a self-assessment report for each PRIME training participant to help you understand who is helping or hindering your product delivery.

Classroom Training
Phase 2

Classroom Training

3-15 weeks

Your Theorem facilitator will help you develop a custom training curriculum for 5 to 50 people. Then, Theorem will deliver the training in eitheran in-person or virtual session.

Classroom Training
Experimental Training
Phase 3

Experimental Training

3-6 weeks

Your participants will receive 1:1 guidance to help them apply PRIME lessons and access to bespoke digital tools that will amplify classroom training.

Experimental Training

PRIME Training elevates your entire product management capability.

PRIME ProcessPRIME Process

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